There is a grace to being ordinary

“Whatever our part is. Just do one thing. That’s all we have to do.”   – Simone Campbell

Every day I do a quick audit of online reviews for my organization, and I came across this one yesterday:

“There is nothing very special about this place but I find myself going back for breakfast and lunch time and again. It’s comfortable, reasonably priced, pleasant, with nice service and very solid food. It really works.”

I can’t speak to what the writer fully had in mind, but my understanding of the sentiment is that a simple formula, followed with fidelity, may not knock your socks off, but it will, in time, demonstrate its value to you.

When I had a conversation with Miriam Therese Winter, my one big question was “What about us ordinary folks?” As a Medical Mission Sister, Winter has done some extraordinary acts in the service of others, but not all of us share that calling. How does an ordinary rebel, well, rebel?

She said simply to be the most authentic person you can be. Bring your whole self with you wherever you go. And while the context of a life may seem ordinary, our actions and words in that context can be anything but.

There is a grace to nurturing wholeness in the everyday. Small acts of mindful rebellion add up to a life lived with integrity.


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